How To Contribute

 Ethiopian businesses face multiple challenges including lack of market opportunities, resources & access to capital and more w/h are all keeping them from scaling up & growing into the capacity they could. However these are all barriers we can easly lift if we come together!

There are a lot of ways you can be part of this fight to change lives. And here are some of the 

  • Change Lives With Every Purchase: Every product here on this platform is made by these small businesses, so every purchase you make will directly and immediately impact them. Your purchase gives them the means to support themselves and their families and the capital to grow their businesses. In addition, it also will provide them with hope, validation, and much-needed encouragement to keep fighting for their dreams. Click here to shop. 
  • Be a voice: Posting, Retweeting, and sharing our content on any of your social media platforms is a huge support and one that doesn’t cost you anything. When you do this, you’re being an ambassador for change. Think about it, what if your one post help one of our artisans be seen by a couple more people and get more supporter? Think how impactful that is.  So please follow us on all social media platforms and be an ambassador for a change! Please scroll down to the bottom to find all of our social media handles.

  • Lead Them To Success: Do you have experience in any area of business? That includes business development, Import/Export (In Ethiopia or Any other country), product development, design, accounting, finance, and a lot more. You can volunteer to mentor one or more of these artisans to help grow their businesses. Please Fill Out This Form If you would like to volunteer. 
  • Lift The Barriers: One of the biggest challenges most artisans in Ethiopia face is a lack of machinery, accessories, and other tools necessary for their crafts. So;   
    • You can donate specific tools for a particular Artisan 
    •  If you're going to Ethiopia and can make extra space in your luggage, we will connect you with others in your area who donated tools, and you can volunteer by delivering them.
    • Please Fill Out This Form to contribute in one of these 
  • Invest In a Better World: The other biggest barrier blocking most Artisans from turning their talents into business and small businesses from scaling to their fullest potential is capital. And there are multiple ways you can contribute in the fight to tackle these barriers, which includes: 
    • Investing: You can pick one or more artisans in your choice of industry and invest in their business. These artisans are highly talented and motivated; with little financial help, their enterprises have a high potential to become a successful international brands. And you can be part of this miracle in the making by investing even a tiny amount! Terms of investment will be discussed directly with the Artisans. Please fill out this form if you're interested.
    • Donate: We're working on organizing an account where we all can contribute and raise funds that go to Ethiopian Small businesses as a grant and loan so that their growth No longer stagnates because of lack of capital. We will release more information on this soon. 

When we come together, we can do unimaginable things! We can change lives, create opportunities, give hope and pull  communities out of poverty!