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The Other Side: Digital Painting

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A beautiful black woman digital painting titled “The Other Side.” 

Digital Art: 

Note: Digital Painting means, the art was created using digital device and it will be printed on special 100lb laser paper (unlike the Canvas paintings which are hand painted using physical colors and canvas)

You will get a hard copy printed in a size you chose - A3 or A4
It comes with no frame but you can easily put it in any Photo frame you like
Size Available:

  • A3
  • A4


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Changing Lives:

This peace is made by Mahlet Birhanu (Kuku’s Pencil) 

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Mahlet is highly inspired by the beauty of African ethnic elements such as adornments and symbols which she incorporate in to my artworks. She also use my artworks to represent social issues especially those that are a challenge to women in our society. She explored through watercolor, acrylic, oil and digital medium to do my artwork.

So when you buy this peace, you not only will get a beautiful art work you also you will have a direct and immediate impact on Mahilet’s lives! 

We are honored to provide a platform to this talented artist and help her share her extraordinary works with you and others around the world! We believe in her and we're determined to help her get the opportunities she needs to get to where she deserves to be! And you are how we can do it!  Learn more about our mission and impact 

Together, we can change lives, give opportunities and impact humanity!