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We are very honored to present to you SITOTA LEATHER HANDBAG, a one of a kind leather bag made by Tadelch, a talented Ethiopian Artisan, and her team. 

100% of the proceeds from the sale of SITOTA will be donated to Girl Effect, a non-profit organization using media to arm girls with the skills to negotiate and redefine what they are told is possible “for a girl.”

As a teenage girl in a small village in Ethiopia, watching music and TV series by Yenya (Girl Effect’s brand in Ethiopia) inspired me and gave me hope that I can also achieve my goals and make a difference, regardless of all odds and disadvantages against me, which proved to be invaluable, since there weren’t many things that made me feel that way.  

And I know there are millions of young girls, just like me, who are being told they can’t dream big, and more than anyone, I know how impactful and essential Girl effect’s work is, which is why I am very honored and feel blessed to be able to give back to an organization that had a significant impact on my life. 

There are a select few luxury handbags on the market worth this price because of the precious materials they are made up of. However, when you purchase SITOTA, you are getting a one of a kind leather bag, handmade with love and hope, and giving hope to girls in Africa and South Asia. You are inspiring them to dream for a better future, go against the societal barriers and socioeconomic disadvantages put in their way. You are making a difference! 


  • Size - Height: 9.5 inches, Length: 11.5 inches, Width: 3 inches
  • Color - Dark Deep Red
  • Material - Croc-embossed Cow Leather

Note: All of our leathers are sourced from a local tannery in Ethiopia that uses leather as a byproduct of local farming and agriculture in Ethiopia, which is the source of income for more than 80% percent of Ethiopian families.

  • Key Features - Open compartment and one enter interior pocket with a zipper
  • Heirloom design by Ethiopian Artisan
  • Contents include supporting the hopes and dreams of girls in developing nations.



Are you interested in making the $50,000 donations and getting the bag; please fill out this form and we will contact you promptly. Click Here  


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Our Mission Is To Create A Global Market Opportunity For Talented Underprivileged Artisan So They Can Be Able To Generate A Sustainable Income That Can Enable Them To Support Their Families And Their Change Their Lives. 


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