Zebib Leather

This is a collection of handpicked, high-quality leather pieces made by Zebiba, the founder of Zebiba Leathers, an Ethiopia based small leather goods manufacturing company. Zebiba started her business in her tiny bedroom with one used sewing machine she bought with $250 she got from her family members. And for the past seven years, Zebiba has been working day and night to rise above her barriers and achieve her dreams. Unfortunately, the road hasn’t been easy, but she never gave up; she is still fighting. Read her story here

When you buy one of her pieces, 

  • you will provide her with the means to support herself and the capital to grow her business. 
  • You will get 10% off on all products under her collection
  • 10% of your purchases and 100% of the Tip you add when you checkout will go to her to help her address some of the main challenges she is facing, including the purchase of essential machinery and tools. 

Note: Most of these products were originally designed by Tadelech (Tadu) in partnership with Marta (Your founder). Sadly, since Tadu’s unfortunate and heartbreaking pass, we decided to use them as a stepping stone for other artisans like Zebiba, who don’t have the capital to produce samples for their own designs just yet. Since these piece has already been on the market, it will provide these artisans a leg up to generate capital, and once they generate sufficient capital, we will launch their collections with their designs. 

Tadu lived her life selflessly, putting others before her and helping everyone whenever she could. We believe being able to continue to help others even when she is no longer here will make her spirit happy. We hope this will be a small but significant way to support our up-and-coming artisans and will be a way to continue Tadu’s legacy of kindness.