Orna's Handcraft Handwoven products

Orna's Handcraft is an Ethiopian-based brand that makes unique cultural crafts made from fine hand-loomed traditional textiles using a technique called 'shemena'. The company uses the authentic Ethiopian 'shemena' technique, an ancient cotton-weaving technique that Ethiopians had been using to make traditional clothing for more than 3000 years. Orna's Handcraft uses this weaving technique to produce high-end quality materials such as; Bedcovers, Cushion Covers, Pillowcases, curtain panels and drapes, Scarfs, Rugs, Table Runners, Top items of clothing for all sexes and so much more.

Alemtsehay, the founder and owner of Orna's Handcraft, is an Ethiopian artisan, designer. She is a mom who is fighting to create a better future for her kids. She is using her talent to introduce the world to the hidden beauty, cultural and traditional craftsmanship that has been preserved for millenniums. Alemtsehay wants to be a woman who explores business opportunities that bring a positive impact on everything she does. As a single mother who's raising two kids & juggling work-life on her own made her be more compassionate for single mothers out there trying to earn a better living for themselves and their families. She believes that her brand representation in hard work & humility explains that anyone can achieve their dreams and her customers are her best assets who deserve the best high-quality products produced from Orna's Ethiopia.

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