Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS
Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS
Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS
Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS
Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS
Kokob Statement Necklace - SKADMAS

Kokob Statement Necklace

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This easy-to-wear piece is made for an everyday look. The mixture of beige and red coral beads is the perfect combination for fall, spring, and summer attires. Showcasing a statement druzy stone adornment, this simple but stylish design can be styled in multiple ways to complete any look.

The African bead is bold in color, and stunning when worn with other Kokob statement pieces. It beautifully matches with various outfit color themes you choose to enjoy it with.  In addition, the cross is designed with a longer neck so that it can also be worn as a headpiece.

Kokob Statement necklace is designed as contemporary jewelry. Each product is handmade, so every piece is unique and may vary slightly from the images you see online. However, we work to ensure that the best efforts are taken to give you the best quality.

Why Kokob:

Kokob in Amharic means star. The shape of the cross somehow has a shape that resembles a star. Traditionally, various shapes of Coptic crosses are worn by Christians in Ethiopia and Eritrea as a sign of faith and everlasting life. They are also enjoyed as contemporary statement pieces or wearable art.

Item Details:


  • Length 18 inches with an adjustable clasp

Note: If you want a custom size, we are more than happy to serve you; contact us.


  • Brass beads and details


  • Ivory marble beads and red coral beads

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❺ How to care for your Kokob:

We apply a jewelry seal to prolong tarnishing and prevent skin irritation to all of our pieces. Most metals might darken over time. Therefore, we recommend that you keep away from water or don’t wear it while swimming or showering. Also, avoid storing any jewelry in the bathroom or humid environment. You can easily return its beautiful natural shine, wash with dish soap, baking soda, and lime and dry with a paper towel or a clean cloth.

Due to the unique design, each piece might look slightly different but much similar.


Lensa Kebede was born & raised in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. She made a Jewelry brand that focuses on showcasing the traditional values, history & rich culture of African Countries attempts to create a sense of Collaboration & Unity amongst Africans for Africans. 

Despite the many challenges she faced, Lensa was strong enough to find joy when making jewelry for her customers. Her determination & perseverance was endless, for Lensa dreaming big never stops and she continues to do her ultimate best in achieving her dreams.

Skadmas has provided you with her unique designs. And buying one of these products will not only give you the best quality product and elegance, but you will also help her and many women like her grow their business and their family lives.