What Does Skadmas Mean? 

"Skadmas" is a word from one of the 80+ Ethiopian languages called Amharinya, or Amharic, which is an official language of Ethiopia. 
The direct translation of the word Skadmas is "until the horizon." It signifies being able to go beyond one's own boundaries. 

This word represents our brand and our mission more than any other word because we are helping people go beyond their boundaries. Boundaries of culture, their own limitations, and the status quo. 

Our brand represents:  

  • Transcending Boundaries: Being a free spirit who is seeking new and unique things.    
  • Open-Mindedness: Seeing the potential in everyone regardless of how they have been labeled or stereotyped as. 
  • Changing Lives: Caring for others even though they are unfamiliar. Remember that a small act of kindness might mean the world to someone.