YADU Handmade Nepal Bead Bracelet. (3PCS)

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COLORFUL: Imagine having beautiful colorful bracelets on your arm. A bracelet that is not merely colorful but carefully designed and made with different color combinations that go in harmony and gives a glow to one another. Imagine not having to stress about not matching your cloth colors because our Colorful Nepali bracelets can match them beautifully 

WON’T FADE-AWAY: Imagine not having to take off your bracelets to go to bed or take a shower because your colorful and shiny Nepali bracelets will never fade away. 

COMFORTABLE: Imagine not forgetting to put your bracelets back and living the house without them to only realize it right outside when you don’t feel their glow on your hand and Having to go back to get them because you just feel happy when you have your beautiful Nepali bracelets on and everyone compliments them.  Imagine not going through any of this because you won’t even need to take them off because they are comfortable and feels natural on your hands. Because this is your everyday simple casual but super beautiful bracelet! 

DON’T GET LOOSE: Imagine not having to throw out the bracelets that you loved so much just because they got loose. Imagine not worrying about any of this because your beautiful Nepali bracelets Do Not get loose 

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CHANGING LIVES: Imagine being able to make a huge difference, Create opportunities and Change lives with your little purchase, yes these bracelets are made by Nepali mothers who are so talented and working so hard to provide for their family. By buying their products you’re not only buying yourself a beautiful colorful bracelet but you're supporting them and their family, you’re giving them hope and future, and you’re helping them to change their life 


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Our Mission Is To Create A Global Market Opportunity For Talented Underprivileged Artisan So They Can Be Able To Generate A Sustainable Income That Can Enable Them To Support Their Families And Their Change Their Lives. 


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