The Superwoman Who Opened My Eyes

A Personal Note From Marta (Your Founder).
Good day my dears. 
Today I just wanted to introduce you to this Ethiopian superwoman! The woman who opened my eyes to the struggles that women like her face.
Her name is Tadelech, we call her Tadu (it means “Lucky” in one of the Ethiopian native languages). She is my Aunt.
She is a mother of four who fights every day to create a better future for her kids. She fights with her disadvantages, she fights with the stereotypes, with the lack of opportunity, with the shortage of resources...she fights! And she never gives up, even if she gets discouraged at times, she gets right back up whenever she sees a ray of hope.
She is the superwoman who opened my eyes and became the reason this all started.
4 years ago, When I went to her house to visit the family, I saw her sewing machine covered with plastic in her small bedroom and she was discouraged which made me ask “why?” Because I knew how beautiful and high-quality her products were. And she told me about the struggles that she and others like her faces, the roadblock that made her drop every dream she had and that open my eyes forever.
It all started there.
But as I told you she is a fighter! So she kept fighting.
Now she has a bigger manufacturing space, and more than 5 people working with her. And she is still fighting!.
And I know there are billions of Tadus who are fighting with their disadvantages, lack of opportunity and stereotypes. Women who are fighting to give their kids the kind of future that they didn’t get to have.
And That is the reason Skadmas started and that is why it will continue to exist!
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Love you all!
Thank you So Much!