Buying a gift for someone else is really hard. We get a lot of questions in our heads.  Starting from "What is a good gift idea"? What if they don't like it? What if it doesn't fit? Is this good enough of a gift? And a lot more 

And when the person we are trying to get a gift for is a man, it makes the headache double. Men are really difficult to shop for! 

That is why we prepared a simple guide to help you confidently pick the best gift without stressing yourself. 


Answering the question "What Do I Look In A Gift?" is a great point to start from when you buy a gift for someone else. And the list below is questions that help you answer this very question so you can get the perfect gift with confidence and without any stress or doubt.


To be honest most of us think this is a very clear question that we all know the answer for. However, raising the question intentionally and answering it consciously reduce the stress in the decision-making process and prevent your mind from getting overwhelmed with thoughts that you can't identify. In addition to that, it might help you come up with a great gift idea and create a great moment.

Here your answers can be "I want him to be happy and excited about the gift that I got him" or "I want him to be surprised when he sees the gift" or " I want to bring back some memories" or " I want him to see the effort I put into it and understand how much I love him" and many more.

So the type of gift you look for and buy is different based on your answer. For example, if your answer was " I want to bring a memory back"  you should think of something special you have done together in the past and get him something related to it. Or even if you get him something common like Watch, you can have a custom made watch with your favorite picture in it. 

The same way, if your answer is "I want him to be surprised", you can think of something that you know he wants but didn't get for some reason and surprise him with that. 

Or if your answer is “I want to give him something that reminds him of me whenever he sees it.” you should get him something that lasts long so, something that he can use (If possible on an everyday base), something beautiful so people say “I like your….where did you get it” and he smiles and answers “ ow my...gave it to me...years ago it is my favorite too,” 

For example our genuine leather messenger bags. They are beautiful and eye-catching, they can be used on a daily bases and most importantly they are durable, they keep their beauty and quality for years(decades if handled right)  even better they get more beautiful as they age. This means not only it will remind him of you daily for years but also gives him memory. 


This is the other question that you have to answer if you want to pick a meaningful gift. And a gift that actually can serve him.

For example, you don’t wanna give one of our leather messenger bag or briefcase to someone who doesn’t work in an office or who barely dress professionally. 

Instead, you can give him one of our unique handmade backpacks like our BEKI BACKPACK which he can use in casual days, to work, for travels…



Answering this question will help you to know how you want him to feel when he unboxes his gift, how long you want him to use it, what purpose do you want it to serve and what will make THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HIM!

This question can be answered based on your answer to the first question and by thinking about the results you want out of your gift. 

The gift you should buy him is different if all you want is for him to be happy at the moment verses you want something that he can keep for years.

For example, if all you want is for him to be happy at the moment as I said earlier you can give him a ticket for a nice trip, or a nice clone if you want something that he can use for some time. 

However, if you want to give him something that he can use and keep for years, you should get him something durable that goes with his lifestyle like leather bags,

 After all, the purpose of gift is to express our love and show how much we care about that person. So the thought we put into our gift is more valuable than the gift and memories are more than anything we can buy so I personally prefer a gives that stays with him for years to come so we always can remember, talk, and laugh about this day.