Jewelry Pieces Made of Precious Stones and Positive Energy Crystals
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Blen Yenealem, an Ethiopian Jewelry Designer Founded Lolit Gem after meeting a local Women Social Entrepreneur and being inspired by her story.

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Orna's Handcraft
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Orna's handcraft

Orna’s Handcraft is an Ethiopia based Brand That Makes Unique Cultural Crafts Made From fine Handloomed Traditional Textiles Made Using Shimena

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Shimena is a Traditional Weaving Technique That Ethiopians Has Been Using To produce fine textiles used to make their traditional clothing.

Handwoven Cushion Covers, Curtains, Bed Covers, Table Runners, Rugs, Scarfs and More. The Full Collection Will Be Available Soon!
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Alemtsehay the founder and owner of Orna’s Handcrafts is an Ethiopian artisan and a mom who is fighting to create a better future for her kids. She is using her talent to introduce the world with the hidden beauty, culture and traditional craftships that have been preserved for millenniums. Her astonishing story will be available soon, join the wait list to be the first to know

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Unique Handmade Pieces made by African Statement, an Ethiopian jewelry brand founded and owned by Lensa Sisay, an extraordinary Ethiopian woman artisan. Full Collection Coming Soon! Join Our Email List To Be Notified
African Statement
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African statement

African Statement is an Ethiopia based Jewelry brand that creates unique Afro-bohomian artwear pieces inspired by traditional craftmanship and rich culture of Africa!

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Lensa Sisay, the talented young jewelry designer, founded African Statement in 2017 with a vision to introduce Africa's rich culture and history to the world by creating unique contemporary jewelry pieces that everyone can wear. However, her journey started way earlier. The full story will be available soon

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Handmade Metal Home decores
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Home Decor
Metal Gem Is An Ethiopian Based Brand That Makes Home Decors From Thin Metal Sheets. Full Collection Will Be Available Soon!
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