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Our Adwa home décor set blends traditional Ethiopian aesthetic components with subtle delicacy, superb craftsmanship, and a contemporary style. This Adwa wall hanging was handcrafted by Ethiopian craftsmen and is noted for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless beauty.
The innovative three-color combination adds a naturally warm and earthy atmosphere to any area in your home or workplace.

Item Details:


- Wall Decor Sefed

  • 68cm-70cm


  • Dark Brown, Yellow and White Circular patterned wallhanging

Note: You can choose your own color variety for order; Contact us.


Single set that can be hung on your walls for an appealing view of your home or office

Note: you can choose your own set and the number of products on order.


  • The Wall hang sefed is made of durable local growing weed called 'sebez' and wool

All wall decor products are washable and durable for a long time.

 Set Variations

We have multiple set options: 

  • If you would like a custom number of set, please state that on the “Note to the seller” section how many wallhangings you want to order.

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