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Ennet Rosman hair oil

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Luxurious hair oil for healthy and hydrated hair. Made with natural avocado oil and Rosman oil, this hair oil is the perfect addition to any hair care routine. It is naturally produced to ease scalp itching and irritation by nourishing the scalp.

Key Ingredients:


- natural moisturizer, contains vitamin E, helps soothe skin, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effects


anti-inflammatory properties, treats dry scalp, and stimulates hair development


Ennet Rosman hair oil has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves scalp itching and irritation. It treats dry scalp and stimulates hair development as it is a naturally made cure.

How To Use: 

Apply on hair and skull and massage with fingertips using a circular motion Leave overnight or at least for 4 hours before washing hair. Ennet Rosman hair oil should be used on a regular basis to keep your hair strong, shiny, soft, and manageable.