Luma patterned cushion cover (2pcs Set)

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 This gorgeous two-piece set Luna cushion cover has a modern flare that would look wonderful in any living room. Not only does it have some trendy full design stripes that will undoubtedly impress anybody who sees it, but it also comes with another cushion with a horizontal pattern crossing the middle of the plain sheet.

This collection of pillow coverings is one-of-a-kind and features some distinctive elements that you will like.
It is filled with a pleasant and long-lasting hand-woven cotton cloth that may be used inside, in the bedroom, or in the living room.

Item Details:


Width: 45 cm

Length: 45 cm

Note: Also Available in 40 by 40 cm and 50 by 50 cm. If you want a custom size, we are more than happy to serve you; just contact us 


  • Blue patterned two-piece cushion cover
  • Yellow patterned two-piece cushion cover 

Note: You can choose your own color variety for order; Contact us.


- Comes in a set of two


The pillow covers are made from high-quality handwoven cotton and wool to ensure durability and comfort.

❺ Set Variations

We have multiple set options: 

  • If you would like a custom set, please state in the “Note to the seller” section how many cushions covers you want to order.

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