RATO Handmade Bead and Stone Necklace

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Your Rato Bead Necklace is: 

Handmade from colorful beads and uniquely shaped stones. 



Goes with every kind of outfit and every season

Handmade with love in Nepal

Change Lives: Wearing this colorful and unique necklace goes beyond just wearing a beautiful bead necklace. You will feel great when you wear it not only because you are getting a lot of compliments but also because you're making a difference and changing lives.   

Your Rato bead necklace is made in Nepal giving money women a market opportunity for their amazing works and helping them to generate income to support their family. 

Shop for a Cause

Our Mission Is To Create A Global Market Opportunity For Talented Underprivileged Artisan So They Can Be Able To Generate A Sustainable Income That Can Enable Them To Support Their Families And Their Change Their Lives. 


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